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Originally Posted by Silent Night 6 6
Hey I was wondering like w/ my track earlier, I had 2 guitars for the rhythm each panned like 40% to each side. On the solo part though, I had it mono to both speakers, should I split it towards one side or?

I dunno i play with the panning so much that you can do alot with either way really. Doing the mono style really isn't that bad of an idea. Granted what you could do is.. track record two different guitars doing the rhythm on both sides and having the solo in the middle. I've done this a few times. I'm actually doing this write now as i write this. But often times in the past what i'll do is.. just have about 35% on each side with one being rhythm and the other being the solo.. So it just kind of cuts through a lil better.

Bet as for yours it actually doesn't sound that bad how it is.
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