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Originally Posted by HELLBLASTER-666
Henry was very friendly with Barcelona's players,
I wonder why

Man of the Match?
I'd say Larsson or Henry

Ronaldinho didn't play so good

He is staying at Arsenal.

Despite being on the pitch for less then half the game, Larsson changed everything. Ronaldinho was reduced to being a statue for most of the game, er?...the way to deal with him cracked? I think so.

That final kind of reminded me of the second leg of the Chelsea v Liverpool semi-final last year, unfortunatly Barca are better than Chelsea and I think that their desire, and Larsson, changed the score line. Evidently you have to question Lehman's sending off and how it effected the game, but - Arsenal still scored with 10 men, kept creating chances and they held Barca out until the last twelve minutes - I personally think they played better with 10 than they did with 11 men.
That snatch is like a glove fit for God.
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