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Originally Posted by Sythke21
Thought i would get the thread started, this is my first proper recording, so please dont be harsh , but crit it please

its amon amarth - death in fire.

thanks for listening

I found it to not be too bad. A few notes of crtique.

Definately need to redo the eq all together, i mean everything needs to shifted more towards the highs mostly because it comes out muddy. I mean It sounds like it could be decient as long as there were balance of a full range on the spectrum of freqs.

Next i dont' remember off hand, but when like... mid way it switches from one... riff or whatever to another one. One you don't hear in the beginning.. (its a big switch) Its a good switch other then the fact that the music literally stops for like .5 seconds and throws the listener off, in a seemingly unpleasant and confusing way. If you could just work the timing on that change it would actually be a really good change.

Overall i enjoyed the recording other than the nit picking things i noticed.

Edit: I probably need to put this in since i didn't realize this until after i posted. I guess this is a cover of the song. I actually haven't heard the song but it sounded pretty decient.
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