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Originally Posted by philkilla
the mod made a nice improvement in my marshall AVT 50. It actually HAS bass response now. I run my pod through it...funny thing is the normal amp distortion isn't so loud now...but oh well...I don't use it anyway.

I cna't wait to hear my cab though..its going to be MONSTEROUS

The amps distortion might sound that way because the speaker isn't flabbing around like before, but as long as it sounds good then go with it The 4x12 cab looks nice too. Did you get bigger wire for it while at the hardware store? They should have the wire and the female connector ends there too. All you do is strip a little bit of wire on the end and crimp the connector on the wire with a pair of pliers. No soldering required. Then you just just slide the connector onto the speaker like the ones already there. If the new connectors seem loose then pull them back off the speaker and give them a little sqeeze until they slide on the speaker nice and tight. Better wire really helps a cab sound better too. Just make sure the wire is copper standed and at least 16 awg or lower. I used 10 awg and the shit is huge but the mogami speaker cable from the amp to the cab has 12 awg inside it, so I wanted at least 12 awg or better in the cab.
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