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Originally Posted by Soulinsane
Well, this project has taken a little longer then I wanted it to because I kept coming across other issues to fix. I'll explain.

While insulating, rewiring, and making the cab air tight I was ( as I thought ) nearly finished. I was measuring and cutting foam for the back board panel of the cab and measuring the hole to cut for the phone jack plate when... I noticed I could see some light though the jacks

What is the point of a air tight cab if air escapes via the jacks?

I stopped, thought, and decided to fixe the problem by building a small sealed box around the jack plate. I built the box using soild pine, screws, wood glue, used chalking sealant on the inside corners, and let set for a day. Today I drilled holes and ran the wires through and use some chalking sealant around them. I secured the box around the jack panel using predrilled screws, used high dencity seals under the base and I also added chalking sealant around the base for good measure To finish I glued insulation to the outside of the little box and it is now all drying.

Tomarrow, I will inspect everything again and hopfully get to put the back panel on my cab and be amazed its new tone.

Edit: I have been reading lately that you can line all surfaces but the speaker baffle of your cab and stuff the thing half full of foam to flaten your bass freq peaks ( boomy sounds ) and lower the freq range. I've only just lined my surfaces. I will try stuffinf extra foam in later and see if that changes anything. Seems lots of people do it do tighten up their cabs.

Surely when you actually plug a lead into a cab, the 'hole' in the jack is no more?

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