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Since everyone's talking about it: Phil is an asshole of the particular type who lives in the moment. Meaning that he talks a lot of shit and probably means very little of it the next day. Which is why he tends to feel misrepresented when he reads his own interviews and so on. But it's also why he can't be held entirely responsible for the shit he talks. He didn't want Dime to get severely beaten even when he said it, and had it happened he'd be broken up about it. And since something much worse happened, he's never going to be able to come off well again.

But ultimately he didn't kill Dime, and he only talked a lot of shit after Dime and Vinny came out and talked shit about everything he did outside of Pantera (as though Damageplan was better than Down). He was an asshole and said all sorts of shit he shouldn't have, but almost everybody I know acts the same way. Everybody says shit they don't really want to see happen, and it's a shame to be held responsible for words as though they were actions.

All that said, I haven't seen this yet.
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