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It can't be greater then 18 guage wire if its rated at 300V and from the pics it almost looks like you got two different guages of wire too. Mine did.

It couldn't hurt to get some copper standed ( not soild core ) wire; I'd say at least 12 awg guage and some female crimp connectors. Rewire it the same if you want but keep the wire short, uncrossed, and away from shit it could vibrate on. I might also get a tube of window/door sealant chalking to be sure of the corner seals. The speakers have their own seal so don't worry about them. Just give them a test twist with a screwdriver to be sure they are all torqued good. I also bought 17' of two sided 1/4" wide sticky strip desity seal for my handles and the back panel.

As for the jack plate... that is the weakest link in any cab as far as I'm concerned.
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