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Those are some damn good points and ideas...I think I may look into it.

I have the newer Crate Blue Voodoo cab, but I've never cracked it open...I'm going to do so now and see what I find.

I'll keep in contact with you about this because it seems very intriguing.


I popped it open, and this is what I got:

All 4 speakers...

Upper Corner

Backplate Standoff???

It looks pretty well manufactured to me, but you seem to know a lot more when it comes to

I don't know what guage the wires are, but I did write down the numbers:

LL29779 CSA AWM I A/8 105C 300V FTI OR TR-64 90C

I have no idea what the fuck that means, so I hope you do.

I went in and tightened up the screws for the speakers a tad bit more.

I was wondering about the inset where the handles well.

As far as the "backplate standoff", I'm assuming its birch, but its attatched to a piece of plywood that is attatched to the inside of the cab...why plywood?

Now what can I do to improve this cabinet is what I want to know.

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