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Originally Posted by 4d5e6f
Oh, ps: Sometimes when I turn around and move the cable around the hissing/buzzing/whatever you want to call it, it gets less or more loud, and sometimes I get crackles when I'm moving around, so I'm pretty sure it's the cable, but can anybody confirm this?

The crackle sounds like it would be the cable, either that or the input jack on your guitar, but i really doubt that since its so new. I've seen cables here for $30 ($20 US) and it comes with a lifetime gaurantee. I think the brand is planet wave or something.

Also with the hum getting louder and quieter while playing... Could also be interferrance? My guitar and amp is setup at the computer, so on certain angles i get a LOT of buzz and shit. Though now i have a pedal (A cheap crap Zoom effects) I get NO noise, it must have a noise reducer in it.

Probably all you need.
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