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Yesterday my new guitar came (ESP Viper 2005, loaded with EMG 81/85 humbuckers), it's great, but there's hissing whenever it isn't being played (and I think while it is, too). Is this just due to me having a really really shitty cable? And if it is, any suggestions on a cheap one? My old GRX40 doesn't give me any hissing when I keep the selector switch on 2 and 5, but the other modes give me hiss too. But it isn't my amp, I have a Roland Cube 30, nice amp.

Oh, ps: Sometimes when I turn around and move the cable around the hissing/buzzing/whatever you want to call it, it gets less or more loud, and sometimes I get crackles when I'm moving around, so I'm pretty sure it's the cable, but can anybody confirm this?
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