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Lots of stuff for sale.

Well, eventually.

I'm going to be selling off all of my gear on Ebay periodically, like two/three pieces a week. So far I've got two guitars and a cab ending soon up.

Let me know if you're interested in anything in the pic.

EDIT: The Charvel came off due to a fuck up in the payment info.

So far this is what's left to buy/going up on Ebay:

80s BC Rich NJ Mockingbird
Ampeg VH140c
Charvel Model A
Esp Ltd H-201
Ibanez 7621
Epiphone Tony Iommi sig.
Jackson DXMG
Boss GT-6
Zachary Vex Fuzz Factory

And then possibly, if I can get what I want:

Marshall TSL100
Marshall 1960b
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