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Originally Posted by Amadeus
Just a small sidetrack question on the topic - personally I have never met a bassist who plays with a pick and myself I think it feels downright awkward when I try. How usual is it to use a pick for bass playing, and is there anything to actually gain from it compared to the multifinger-techniques?

There are plenty of pick bassists out there. It's just that most metalheads consider it a weakness (how? beats me). Of course, if you can't get the three or four finger speed down (which by the way, nope, I still haven't done it) then it's much easier to play fast. Also, it usually makes the notes sound clearer and brightens/freshens the tone a bit. I would say that those are the most commong reasons one would use a pick: speed and tone. Of course, it goes without saying that it's still completely a matter of opinion. But yeah, some people just like the feel of it and some don't.
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