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Originally Posted by ImBored

(sorry had to add some retardation)

The Matrix is really just about humans being enslaved by machines and wanting free.

The Matrix is another universe too, in the sense given in my plot summary.

I hate stories like the Matrix though. Good stuff in it but humans are always assuming that they are the ultimate good and that the value of their lives overwrites anything else. That usually results in machine racism like what happens in the Matrix. If we survive long enough and continue on our same trend of thought, this will be a problem in the future.
If you watch the Animatrix, you'll see that the humans actually did some real bad shit to the machines.

Retardation excused.

Originally Posted by fatdanny
Also, check out Autopsy, the vocalist sounds like hes about to eat your grandmother while fucking you in the eye. Brutal.

Originally Posted by floridadude
I coated the end of a toothpick with Satan's blood and simply wiped it across the top of an omelet. PERFECT!
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