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As for gore lyrics, I think they usually lack in talent but make up for it in primitive creativity. It's kinda like a guy that can fire peas out of his nose across the entire gym floor. It's not so much that it's impressive on a deeper level, rather simply entertaining. Like growling. You don't have to hit notes like singers do, so the talent aspect isn't really in question. It's more about whether you can do it or not and how cool it sounds. Gore lyrics are the same. There's usually no intellectual skill required, but sweet fuck they're still amusing and fun. And one of the greatest things about it is that it's completely fantasy. There's no attempt at trying to make it realistic. As a matter of fact, a lot of times they go out of their way to make it over-the-top. It's practically cartoonish. So nobody can seriously say they're evil lyrics that put violent thoughts in peoples' minds. It's like an extremely bloody, gut-ripping version of Looney Toons. Just harmless, brainless (heheh, excuse the pun) fun.
But yeah, they do get old at times. Luckily most bands who use them vocalize in a way that you can't make out a goddamn word. So in the end it doesn't matter.
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