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I have a reputation for using a lot of imagery in my songs. When I write it, the imagery actually introduces the main concept of the song if it is the first stanza of the piece or it is an introductory to another stanza. For example this stanza is an introductory to the next stanza and the whole song.

Shady winter sky-in the icy air
Beneath the glimmering stars
Gloomy night of the moon’s dim light
Rings with woeful melodies
Choirs of nocturnal creatures
Such beautiful grave symphonies
Divinely warm desires in ambient echoes
An igniting flame that flows through my veins

It is she Lilith that sounds the lyre
That shot the arrow
It smite my heart
An so my quest commence
To soothe the throbbing wound
This selfless love I must appease
For her witchcraft I am consumed

I have to admit though, sometimes I use too many plots.

I don't think I'm a good writer because I focus too much attention on the instrumental playing. Much more time is spent playing the instruments. I'm a more of a musician than a writer but I'm forced to write because no one else will do that for me in my songs.

Also most of my songs have an excessive amount of text because the song is long. A song that is 14 minutes will obviously have much more text than a song that is 4 minutes. My songs are usually very long in length so consequently it will have a lot of text.

Sometimes some of my lyrics seem to change ideas dramitically. It does that sometimes because my songs have two personalities with two different vocals. Like Yin and Yang. You have to listen to the song for that to be coherent.

Originally Posted by MoonRaven
which is why cradle of filth's lyrics appeal to me so much, you guys may HATE the music, but the lyrics are orgasmic, IMO.

Talking about using big words, the lyrics for Cradle of Filth use the biggest, longest and a lot of times unnecessary words. Their lyrics are also extremely long and I don't know any band that writes longer songs.

One thing that irritates me in lyrics is when people and bands write plain gore lyrics. I don't see what the point is unless they like murder. For example Cannibal Corpse lyrics.
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