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Downtuning doesnt equal heaviness. Im one of those people that hate down tunings. Puts the fucking guitar out of proportion, when its all nicely set up in 4ths. For what.. convienience? Ok,Ok i admit you can do BREWTALLLA riffs, just flying about the frets but meh? 2 fingers is not 2 much more than 1.

And Drop D isnt as heavy as D standard, im sure you all know.

People say you can write a heavy song in E (Just look at Deicide - Legion) but I think part of the heaviness comes from the tuning. I mean, B5 sounds so much chunkier than E5. Just my opinion, and im not saying you cant write a heavy-ass song in E cause.. you can, and it has.

Just my 2 cents.

EDIT: oh and yeah I keep my 6 string in D and my 7 in E, so I have massive range (that of 3 guitars). In the future I plan on buying another 7 (with a fixed brigde!!!1) and ill keep it down one step so ill have A and D aswell. Then ill tune my 6 to C and ill have tunings A - E. That way everyone's happy.
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