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Originally Posted by problematic
Think of it this way: If you dont have a soldering iron you have to buy one (for about $25) and also buy solder (about $5). Or you could go to a guitar tech and have them installed for, say... ($45 - 60). The saving is not necessarily money, it takes a bit of time and if you fuck up itll take you more time. But soldering is not too hard.

Yea, I think getting the experience is pretty important when it comes to guitars. Get a soldering iron because you never know when you may get a dodgey connection in the jack or wherever. There will be a lot of walkthrough's how to do it on the internet somewhere. I wouldnt take my guitar to a tech unless it was something I totally couldnt learn to do.
I mean it saves you money in the long run learning how to do it, plus its always good knowing how to do things like that.
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