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Yeah I soldered and EMG 81 / 85 set to my Warlock. It wasn't too bad... and I have had very limited soldering experience. I had problems because with the Warlock the volume and tone knobs are quite far apart, so I had to solder extra wire to the wire between the pots. The wire between the pots is not insulated and I soldered insulated wire to it. This is not good. But don't worry, Your ESP probably doesnt have that problem.

Anyway, buy the set, open the packets and have a look at the wiring diagrams. If it looks like you could handle it, then go for it. I admit first time I looked at the diagrams I didnt know what to think, as it was all over the place, but just follow each wire and it all makes sense.

Think of it this way: If you dont have a soldering iron you have to buy one (for about $25) and also buy solder (about $5). Or you could go to a guitar tech and have them installed for, say... ($45 - 60). The saving is not necessarily money, it takes a bit of time and if you fuck up itll take you more time. But soldering is not too hard.

So whatever, it's your decision, and it aint too hard... Or buy Soeru's pre-wired kit ($160 is a good price) and just install it, its easy.

Have fun.
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