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This might help if you take a good look at it.
Im harmonizing in 3rds in the scale of D Harmonic Minor. (Example: Every D i played i harmonized it a 3rd up within the scale, that would be F)

As you can see it got a little complicated cause I result to a drone on every second and sixth beat for the original riff. Instead of just playing the same drone in the harmonization I decided to play a 1 scale step down from my harmonization on the second beat, and a 5th down on the 6th beat. (a true 5th from within the scale) Its kinda hard to explain in typing (or even in person for that matter) its easier just to look at it/play it to see the pattern. It gives it a kinda classical style sound.

Classical Style Harmonization Original riff |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------2-0-2-3-----------3-0-3-5----------5-0-5-7-8-7-5---7-5------------| |4-0-4-5-----------5-0-5-7-----------7-0-7-8---------------8-----8-7--------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| Harmonized version |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------5---5-7----------7---7-8------------8-10-8-11-12-11-8---11-8------| |7-5-7-8----7-----8-7-8-10---8-----10-8-10-12-------------------12-----12-10| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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