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psychiatrist is a branch of medicine that deals with mental health. they diagnose, proscribe medicine and usually keep up to date on new treatments,therapies and medicine.

"cosmo perspective-psychiatric-power"

"cosmo-systemic pathogen"

see these terms you coin, noone is gonna understand what you mean by them, i havent the slightest clue. but however such things have use, if you allow in your writing detail about them for people to figure them out. it doesnt have to be spoonfed, it doesnt necessarily have to be fully explained or be fully plausible. it just has to make sense

its kinda like what sci-fi writing employs, inventing terms that arent supposed to be clearly undertood. usually in novels little bits of detail about them are given about the terms,whether its a technology, or a psychic ability, a plague or a curse, anything.

you just seem to drop these terms and expect the reader to understand and follow along

cosmo- the cosmos?,the universe i guess
systemic-1 relating to a system 2 relating to an entire organism
pathogen-a biological agent that causes disease

grandiloquence has a place but if over used it will be condescending and pretentious. also dont confuse transcendentalism with being vague. your poem gave me no sense that you know what these words mean by definition. you may of intended them to mean something else, either way it doesnt matter because i dont know how the "pathogen-thing" was employed, or what made the "psychiatric-power" significant. no elaboration of what occured. we just are assured that "we are sorcerors of reality,the truely ascended kind"

so yeah, i originally liked the mysterious terms, but i mocked them because i dont think you understood fully what psychiatry is, what a pathogen is. but that doesnt even matter, i really dont have to understand what you mean by those terms. it doesnt effect an understanding to the completely vague poem you just wrote.

this is my last post in your thread. thats about as constructive as i get
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