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Originally Posted by MoonRaven
i also love vivid imagery, which is why cradle of filth's lyrics appeal to me so much, you guys may HATE the music, but the lyrics are orgasmic, IMO.

yes, they are probably my favorite lyrics of all. and at the same time i love the music, which easily brings me to say they are one of my favorite bands. though i am talking more of Dusk, Cruelty, and Midian. those three albums are pure magic .


-i hate emo lyrics that purposely use common situations such as: girl/boyfriend leaving/problems, being sad or feeling worthless. then a bunch of moron teenagers think the song is written just for them.

-i hate gore lyrics. talk about nonsense. when people use gore lyrics, i view it as a lack of effort and intelligence.

-and, as mentioned earlier, i hate lyrics that mean nothing, and are just a bunch of impressive or interesting words, and nothing else.
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