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...and if I understood Deifiler well, it also depends on the style you're playing. Couldn't agree more on that.

For now I think I'll go for a C# or D tuning, which is somewhat in the middle between standard and B, like I said in my first post.

Oh, btw one of the classic Death Metal albums, Obituary's "Slowly We Rot" was recorded in standard tuning. Ok, the production isn't extraordinary but the tuning seems to suite the riffs. Sometimes I seem to prefer that tuning to their D tuning which they used on the rest of their albums!

And last but not least, some people may assume that downtuning = heaviness so they tune as low as they can (These days, it's not uncommon to see bands tune to beyond B-tunings.) and at times, it can sound good but at others, it sounds like shit.
Add to that the use of digital effects pedals and digital (non-tube) amps and you have the perfect recipe for a shitty tone!
That's only my opinion, of course.
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