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Haha alright Your comments on low tuning becoming very boring with writing riffs I can relate to. The amount of times I've tuned a riff down to A in guitar pro, then spent however long retuning my axe with it's bastard floyyd rose to A, only to be bored within a few minutes and tune back to C#

C# is a minor third down from E, tuning to this you can sometimes get that feel from songs, such as a few of dying fetus's etc...

Was just listening to Psycroptic, they tune to drop D; dropping-one-string tuning I never got the hang of. They are a band that I think would sound better, as a lot of their tremolo riffs sound as if they are missing an extra touch, not to mention the guitar tone doesn't seem to merge as well with the other instruments for the hefty sections:/ I think that's mainly to the crunchy guitar tone, but again, crunchy guitars are something I associate with the tuning of E...

P.S. Mortpayne, cheers for the comments on the riff thread Just been doing recording with the band and it sounds a lot better so I shall send you any future links if you're interested
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