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I think it was Kerry King that once mentioned in a guitar magazine that a riff that sounds weak as hell in standard tuning would sound like the most badass thing ever in downtuning. I agree. Downtuning makes it easier to write a heavy riff because of, obviously, the low pitch. Therefore it doesn't always take as much talent to write a good heavy song downtuned as it would in standard. But it's not just the skill, it's all about the sound too. Whether it sounds good in standard or not, sometimes downtuning just helps fill out the atmosphere of the riff and give it an extra edge. Then again, there are some riffs that bands have written in standard (or around standard) and sound pretty crappy if played lower. So, like all things, it has it's advantages and disadvantages. I used to always play in D, then I began tuning to Eb and using a whammy effect to play in Bb, and now I still tune to Eb but use a whammy effect to play in C# (which sounds a hell of a lot better than the lower whammy). As always, it's simply a matter of preference. But I think I like tuning a bit higher. When it's really low, things can get boring and repetitive.
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