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Angry Pinch Harmonics

Okay.. i'm a little frustrated.. For some reason I can't get pinch harmonics to sound right.. EVER.. it wouldn't bother me so much if I could get them to sound right sometimes.. hell it might even be my guitar.. anyways.. I really don't know if i'm doing them right.. i'm hitting the string with my thumb and the pick at the same time. but not with the side of my thumb.. well kinda.. I guess I hit it with the part of my thumb that sticks out when I hold the pick.. I kinda turn my hand a little .. I hope you guys can picture this or this is totally useless.. anyways.. they always sound really twangy .. (I.E. shitty) and I can never hold them for very long.. I think the problem might be that my guitar doesn't have very good sustain.. but i'm not sure.. I have a shit guitar that is like 6 years old I guess.. Any insight or maybe a .txt on how to play PH's might help.. I don't know.. What do you guys think? Thanks for the help
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