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I don't really like much of their newer stuff (PD), but I haven't heard enough of it to say for sure. I'd have to agree that "Prowler..." is their best. I also have "38 Counts Of Battery", which is probably their worst but it's a compilation of their earliest work so it's worth having.
As another little conversation piece, I think one of the better albums by early Metallica (because come on, like we need to even consider the stuff from Black Album and up) is also one of their most obscure. And Justice For All. It had plenty of heavy material with a slower feel but kept alot of thrashiness to it. Unfortunately the bass couldn't be heard (yeah, I know, that was their first without Cliff so they probably didn't want Jason to show much out of respect) and the drums were a bit too loud in my opinion. As far as their worst (again, in regard to the earlier stuff) I actually don't like "Kill 'Em All" that much. I know plenty of people here really like that album, but I think it's a bit too weak. Kind of like "Show No Mercy" (Slayer's debut). It has some nice riffs here and there, but over all only worth owning because it's their big debut. And speaking of Slayer -- I think I mentioned this in another thread -- I'm surprised that most people think "Diabolus In Musica" is horrible. Most people bitch about the lack of speed. If you take the time to listen to the tracks all the way through, you'll notice there's plenty of fast parts (some songs more than others). They're just not as dominant over the song structures like in their earlier, more popular material. There's a lot of aggression and some pretty wicked riffs. It's definitely not their best, but I for one like it. Of course, I'll always have to hold Reign In Blood up as one of their greatest albums, if not the greatest. It's slightly overrated, but undeniably a thrash classic.
With most bands people seem to criticize any newer albums just for the sake of being one of those "I like their old stuff" types. But I think with Immortal, for example, some of their later albums were their best. I like "Sons Of Northern Darkness". It has nice sound quality and good songs. Sure, it's a bit different from their older stuff, a little less classic black metal, but I think they're just one of many bands that show how being around longer doesn't have to mean getting worse. In a lot of cases, it can be the other way around.
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