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Originally Posted by MetalThrashingMad

Yeah I'd say that this scale competes with Japenese Pentatonic as far as weird intervals.

And Japanese scales (like Japanese a. and it's modes), have what I perceive as 'stacked' intervals.
There's usually the same frets recurring on successive strings.

For example, the Iwato, third mode of Japanese a. or the 'K' scale. I'll do it on 7 strings to prove my point.

[------------------------0-1-5~] [--------------------0-1-------] [------------------2-----------] [--------------2-3-------------] [--------0-2-3-----------------] [----0-1-----------------------] [0-1---------------------------]

You see?


NONE compete with the Nonatonic for shape complexity!
You need a set of four dexterous fingers and a very visual grip of the fretboard.

[-------------------] [-------------------] [-------------------] [-----------------1-] [---------1-2-3-4---] [0-2-3-4------------]

I once sat trying to work out all eight of its modes but I screwed up the fifth and scrapped the lot.

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