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Persian scale

Here's a new fav' of mine:

Formula: 1 b2 3 4 b5 b6 #7

It's a really odd-shaped scale on the fretboard. It's much harder to learn than, say, Natural Minor and modes, Six Tone Symmetrical, Iwato and the other Japanese Pentatonics and even Jazz Minor and its modes.

[--------------] [--------------] [--------------] [------------1-] [------0-1-3---] [0-1-4---------]

If you place the root on your 3rd string though, I found there's a cool way to remember it.

[------------7-8-9-] [------6-7-9-------] [5-6-9-------------] [------------------] [------------------] [------------------]

Each 'cell' ends on the same fret before ascending onto a new string, in this case '9'. OK, it goes into the next octave of the scale, but its definitely a good way to remember and learn it.
And you'll notice it goes 5-6, then 6-7, then 7-8, before the 9's.

Just a funny little thing I noticed!

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