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People tend to dislike Breeding the Spawn because of an accident of production. It's a shame, because their live show could do with some of the shit off of Breeding, which will sound right in the live setting, but they avoid those songs.

Remember that this question, more than most, is just a matter of taste, and often the negative statement has to be taken in the context of the band's entire body of work. As people have been saying. Moving on:

Anthrax: Hard choice to make because the only album of theirs I really dislike is the newest live one, but I'll go with The Greater of Two Evils for best and State of Euphoria for worst.
Pantera: Unfair, but I'd go with Far Beyond Driven for best and any of the stuff with Terry as the worst.
Slayer: Seasons in the Abyss, God Hates Us All
Pink Floyd: Animals, Momentary Lapse of Reason
Clutch: Blast Tyrant, Clutch (though the self-titled still rules)
Morbid Angel: Hard to say as I don't dislike any of their stuff, but I guess I keep coming back to Formulas the most and Covenant the least.
Mr. Bungle: California, Mr. Bungle
Crowbar: Sonic Excess in its Purest Form, Broken Glass
Corrosion of Conformity: Sticking to the Pepper Keenan years as I don't know the pre-Keenan years well enough to judge, Deliverance is the best and Blind the worst.
Death: Individual Thought Patterns or The Sounds of Perseverence, and probably Scream Bloody Gore. Another hard one.
Nevermore: Dreaming Neon Black, Nevermore

That's enough.
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