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Alright ... decided NOT to get the Jackson. I'm getting an Ibanez Prestige 7-string with a basswood body w/ bolt on maple neck. The guitar has stock pickups though, which I'm sure I'll want to replace.

I've decided that even though I'm using a preamp that will give me more gain than I'll ever need, I like the sound of a high gain pickup ( like EMG's ) with the gain turned down to 4 than a lower gain pickup ( like a JB ) with the gain cranked to 7 ... to me it just sounds a bit more liquid-y. I need something versatile however, I'm going to be playing practically everything you can think of on the Ibanez ... I was thinking about an X2N in the bridge and a coil-tap capable Dimarzio pickup designed for the neck, in the neck. Then both pup's would have coil-tapping capabilities, which means I could cover blues and jazz territory.

X2N-7 in basswood ... yea or nay?
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