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I'm in two of those bands myself, but it's just trying and trying, and listening to other bands for inspiration.

I play lead myself as well, but it ain't difficult, for me it's harder to write power metal songs haha

an option to write faster songs, if someone made lyrics allready for a song... this way you can control the length of your riffs better. But most folk riffs has the same patterns, you should decide if you want to play folk or viking metal.... or a combination of it...

Celtic & irish bands/songs are a good inspiration.

Where to start a riff, is kinda difficult to explain, that could be anywhere on the guitar. I always hobby with these frets on different strings and order:

For example:
E- 0-1-3-4 or 3-5-7-8 or 8-10-12-13 or 7-8-10-12-13

could also be like this:

E- 1-4-3---4-3-0-4------4-3-1-0-

Not that this riff sound any good, but that's the idea of playing.

higher on frets I never play, cause it gets more into a solo riff... which ain't necessary to play on high frets... most viking/folk bands don't go higher as well.

Most Viking/Folk metal bands play in D or E

I could try to make some sort of pattern, which maybe help you to write faster those viking/folk songs... do you have Guitar pro 5??

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