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Originally Posted by blizzard_beast
The criteria and options are so broad that any kind of piece would do. I decided to put the piece I posted on ice, I can't seem to develop my ideas further.

I've composed another piece, just some ideas bundled together, and I'm not sure if it sounds very good. There's also one riff I think that might've been used by someone else, but I can't quite place my finger on it...

Anyway, here it is:

Sometimes that happens. Thats the process of growth for sure. I still do that very often. Even when i completely finish a piece... because i don't like a certain part is.. i'll keep trying and tryign to fix it.. and eventually say fuck it.

Just listened to the song. To be honest i dont' really understand what i just heard... I liked the chords used in the song but completely didn't fit the song. Granted there really.. wasn't a flow... to it.. The intro riff was actually pretty good, but the follow up to it wasn't a good choice. And at the end of it you ended it with a power chord that didn't fit and just stopped the music in its tracks. The next riff's harmony didn't fit well with the intro riff. I'm actually about to compose something and take some of those chords you used cause they are great for like........ how would you say.. like rpg "beach" music.. If you will. Like.. paradiseish music.

But back on the subject. Here is a huge tip that i often give myself when composing. Look at what has been composed before. What does alot of it have in common? SIMPLE. Seriously i mean take a look at great songs. They keep it pretty simple. I.e. using the basics of harmony and rhythm. Thats something thats kinda hard to do when composing straight from say.. Guitar pro. Here is a tip for you to use. Try making.. say.. an acoustic guitar.. hit one of those chords.. Then run a small melody with say.. a piano or another guitar over it. Keeping it simple but still something that sounds good.

I'll compose a quick piece to give you some examples if you wish.
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