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Originally Posted by Amadeus
Oh well, oh well. But californication is another word for prostitution.
The point should be clear and is not directed at you, low-tech. I find this worth contemplating when I don't understand.

it references a bunch of stuff. but you'll have to dig hard at the naunce of word choice in only some of the lines to get mere references without real cohesion. most of the text is completely lost on me on its meaning.
im still working on the Alderon part, the psychic spies from china part, the teenage girl get high off information part, the first born unicorn part, hardcore soft porn part, basically most of the lines

im not demanding that an overall point should be spoonfed to the reader, its like abstract expressionism without understanding the fundamentals of painting. if you view someones work whos ability is nothing more than lines,splatter and shapes, all you're gonna see is lines,shapes,splashes of paint in the guise that its suppose to be a representation. thats what im seeing in most of this song. its half-assed trying to actually say something

i dont want to bash too hard on the chili peppers because i like thier earlier albums and the lyrics were alot better before. so they got rich, became isolated from the real world, lost thier creative edge. blah blah blah
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