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Heres a quick idea on how to come up with sick runs, but they arent easy.
First take your typical run eg

Now harmonise that run but use a different harmony on every note, any formula you like, for the purpose of this guide Im gonna go diatonic third (the iron maiden way) on every beat, paralell 4th (5 frets higher) for the second of every 4 notes, parallell 5th for the 3rd note of every 4 and the diatonic 4th of each note for the final one, now you get a lick like this


Now you get a totally origional lick, play both them on 2 guitars and you end up in cacophony territory, advanced harmonies are cool cause they make you approach weird picking patterns, sometimes incorporating string skipping, and come up with totally origional licks even if you only play the harmony part youll sound much more origional, try playing both those licks over an e minor chord, or repeatingthem over an e minor,d,c progression the second one will be much less familiar and although a little less complicated much better, sometimes by using this method you can come up with licks that are awfully hard, maybe try something like diatonic third, minor third, major third octave youll prob have to tap the octave note, and youll end up with some outta key notes which can be awful but sometimes great.
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