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In regard to some previous comments, I agree that it's a bad thing to keep most of your writings. Just as Crimson said, most of my work ends up below my standards anyway. And I would hate to think someone would happen upon old things and assume that's my current skill or style (yeah, I'm paranoid like that). If it's good then it should be memorized or kept, but throwing away most of it would be the best thing to do. I've had numerous notebooks in the past that ended up fully in the trash through a span of a few months. I look back on old things I write (or even music itself, such as CDs) and think, "Holy crap, I hope my disposing of this erases every trace of it". Progress is progress, and until you've reached a talent level where everything is a keeper, recurrent disposal is completely necessary.

One dissapointing thing about some bands is when they use a more "street" style of writing. Not artistic, not poetic, just words like they would speak them to a friend. It takes away from any atmosphere. It's aggression without meaning. Without any depth. It's less entertaining because it's more predictable and doesn't have that darker, mysterious feel that doesn't come along with every day language.

As far as the weirder style of writing that's hard to pick out the meaning, I think it's sometimes just so subliminal and a little TOO poetic that people think it's just plain dumb. I actually like strange lyrics that, on the surface, seem to have little meaning. They allow the imagination to take over and form it into what your mind sees.
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