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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
I don't see myself as having any limitations on the way I write. A lot of times I use random lines and it might not seem to make sense to the majority, but one other person, the right person, might read it and know without a doubt what I'm referring to.

The passage you wrote I'd say was badly done to purposely be sarcastic. The same lines spread over more territory in a single piece might have substance. Bad lines and bad rhymes have their place sometimes, too. Simple words that rhyme, if they're put together effectively, have a place in a broader audience and being more memorable than something less. I'm not saying that either is right or wrong, but just that they're different things to different people.

I like this. Thats kinda how i see things.

I have a hardtime seeing alot of things that people write.. (as far as their meanings) ALthough over time i usually pick it up. But like she said, sometimes i'll read the right words and boom it hits. But then again those are usually songs or poems that fit how i feel, or how i think, or even how i write.

I'm definately not a person that can search for... unused perfect words to describe a feeling or situation that good writers often can. Its not that i have a lack of vocabulary, but i just don't search for words as well as others.
Originally Posted by Darko
...Its very annoying to keep having to hear some socially-disabled teen come on these boards talking about all the drugs he's started doing so that he can maybe grasp onto some kind of positive response so he feels better about himself and what he's doing.
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