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im trying to get away from the vaguely described "you"

you are a hypocrite blah blah blah
you are the reason you are that and so on

also the "I"s

i feel <over self-victimized> blah blah blah
i see the evil everywhere<melodrama>

even the older political stuff i posted before im trying to get away from

"its easier to shoot the king than be the king"

its easy to sit back and criticize everyone and everything and not contribute any type of solution. this was a type of writer's block i fell in. a kind of "blame game" with flowery language.

i like more absurd stuff. my mock-epic poem "job interview" is something i want to build on. contrasting archaic and old spirituality,religion with modern technology. being absurd but trying to convey a simple point

also the use of text. the spacing of and formation of words

de<struction>sire to con<trol>vert unbelievers to the tr<oll>ue g<reed>od

there was a crazy jamaican dude who lived in the eastside of town and wrote the most mindbending rants, kind of like the example i have above. alot of it didnt make sense but it was a really interesting approach. i read a zine someone compiled of his works. mostly off the wall conspiracy stuff, i found it very influencial. the example i have there doesnt really make sense but it could be worked over and have good effect
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