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That kind of insertion of random imagery into a poem would, if used correctly, serve as a counterpoint or annotation to the action of the poem. I don't think we get that much care in the majority of internet contributions, but there can be a purpose to it that doesn't necessarily enhance the story, but does the poem.

I generally hate when rhymes are used without an understanding of the kind of connection between words a good rhyme achieves, or at least aims at achieving.
I have a very low tolerance for the pretentious use of language; i.e. using a large word, not because it's the right word, but because it looks impressive and makes your crappy poem look slightly better to people who aren't good enough critics to see through it. This happens a lot on the internet and in life.
Generally, following from that, the unnecessary.
A reliance on cliche out of laziness rather than irony, though even the latter can't redeem everything.
Lyrics obviously written out of a sense of duty to write lyrics, being in a band and all, rather than any kind of internal fire. If you don't enjoy language it will show. If you don't understand it, it will also show.
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