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Lyrical hates/likes

I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread about this... In my absence from here I've read a lot of lyrics and written very little, but I've noticed a couple of things about some lyrics that make my blood boil and I thought it might be a good idea to hear what people's perks are when it comes to lyrics. I'm guilty of some of these things in the past, but hey, I'm always learning

1. Lyrics are lyrics and not cool sounding words strung together.

It makes my blood boil savagely when someone strings together a barely cohesive set of lines that sound extremely cool but don't make sense altogether or are all over the place, such as inserting lines that describe imagery into random places.

The moon hung on her heel
Grey covered sky
some other bitter crap about scenery
then I killed her and raped her

The lines describing imagery break apart the story, and are they really necesary to continue the story? If they were put before the description of the girl they might have worked... I'm guilty of writting like that in the past. It makes BC angerful when people ruin perfectly good, cohesive lyrics by plugging errelevant, but nice sounding lines.

2. Telegraphed rhymes and unnecesary rhyming.

Telegraphed rhymes are rhymes that are very easily predicted such as miss/kiss/bliss and remember/december etc. Some banal rhyming schemes (abab, aa, aaaa especially) irritate me when not used well. I'm slowly breaking out of the habit of rhyming. It also makes me very, very sad when people use rhymes as a way to continue the lyric when they're completely lost. I'm sad to admit that I used to do that a lot.

3. Anti-climatic lyrics/lyrics with too many subplots.

A lyric is a story that exists in time essentially, and on paper only as a secondary thing... I like lyrics with a good story that distill one idea into as few words as possible in the most beautiful way. Muddled, subploty and scatterbrained lyrics annoy me.

Either way, post away meh pretties.
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