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anyone heard Protest The Hero?

I recently checked them out (after I saw a song on much loud one night) to see if they had any other good songs (much loud is where I found out about Quo Vadis so I gave them a chance).

They're canadian, and I wouldn't exactly say they're metal, but the newer album has some interesting aspects to it, and despite the mainstream vocals they don't sit that bad with me. Some of their faster, more metal sounding songs are Heretics And Killers, Nautical, Bury The Hatchet and Divinity Within. Here's Nautical

There aren't many complete tabs, none here at all, which I would say makes sense. Here's Here's a fairly good profile.

So anyone else here heard them (or of them)? What do you guys think? I plan on listening to them a little longer to make up my mind fully..
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