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vintage 30's are among the best speakers depending on the style your looking for, and they are faaaaar to expensive for low price amps like the spider, I dont know what retard wasted vintage 30's in yours because they do not come stock with it, altho it might say "CELESTION SPEAKER INSIDE" or something, good for sales as every rockstar has something good to say about their HIGH-END celestions which is not what low price amps labeled "CELESTION EQUIPED" comes with

I totally disagree about that you have to fiddle with the spider, the EQ controls dont change that sound that much at all.. a POD however has almost to many ways of changing the sound..

You are right at one point however.. It's way better than the low-price marshalls, no wonder.. digital preamps pwns solidstate preamps

edit: Soeru, that amp you listed to is not the same amp as the one he is selling, it's way cheaper

Originally Posted by Killjoy
A DOD Death Metal pedal works just fine, but only with a decent Marshall. I run mine thru an MG30 watt combo, and it's brutal.
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