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Arrivedaci - or - A Plate of Ravioli

Well,this, my friends, is my first actual attempt at opera.
Credit to anyone figuring out one of the melodies I've ripped off, lots of cred to anyone guessing two and raised eye brows to anyone naming all three.


The hills above Florens, nighttime, where the lovers meet for a final good-bye before He must leave for who knows how long. Though as bereft as his beloved, He tries to find some small measure of comfort in this sad hour...

He: La-la-la...
So sorry we have to say arrivedaci
But here have this plate of fine-fine ravioli
She: Dearest, I never want to leave your side
He: Still this is some bueno home-made Italian pasta
She: Dearest, all I want in the world is you
He: And quite some nutritional value
She: What care I for such nonsense when my love burns like the stars
He: Dearest, you shouldn't let such contemplation disturb your concentration

You and I
Our meeting was like a dream
But what are
We without pasta and tomato cream
And we know itís true
That spaghetti is always what it seems

But if I know you
I know what youíll do
Youíll lo-ove at once
This nice pla-ate of
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