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Overatted: Lars, Bonham, Moon, Neal Peart, Vinnie Paul ect. But especially Neal Peart. He has these huge drum kits but hardly any of the drums get used.

Underratted: Smattro Ansjovis from Birdflesh, and Dopi from Machetazo for being able to blast fast as fuck, do crazy rolls, double kicks, and still being able to growl/scream lead vocals is pretty impressive.

Also Kevin Talley (ex-Dying Fetus, Misery Index) is pretty darn good in my books. He is so fucking tight with his drumming. He can do all these crazy fills but still remain in time.

Ken Owen is another that is pretty underratted. He created some pretty cool beats for Carcass.

As far as Flo or George. Well they are amazing drummers in their own right but I wouldn't consider them gods.
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