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Originally Posted by Doktorskell
i am quite the same as what someone above said.

Probably 70% of the music i buy is Black Metal

But the songs that i write that my bands play is fairly Tech Death metal.

For me its not about showing off (Even tho i am an attention whore by nature)
its just that when i sit with my guitar and write songs i tend to get bored if its not hard to play. Therefore i write riffs then spend a day or so learning how to play them. to me writing songs is a learning experiance. I just want to be a good guitarist.

HA!.. lol that's the exact opposite of what I do.. I learn hard to play songs to become a better guitarist in general (I usually play Extreme Unction .. good practice ).. and when I write stuff.. I usually write Black Metal that is simple to play but good sounding.. (Like the songs on my MySpace..)
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