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Actually, the riff you posted from "As I Am" is actually a very good riff to develop endurance.
I find it gets tiring pretty fast too. That's when you keep playing it.

The reason it gets so tiring is that you're playing in the first fret position, which means there is somewhat of a stretch to fret the 4th fret with your pinky, and when you play that fret it is done fast.

I recommend this riff to pretty much anyone that plays finger style for another good reason. This is a perfect example of a riff where muting is absolutely VITAL. Once you've played the C's on the low B string and move up to the A string you MUST mute your B string or else you will sound like shit.
I use my thumb to mute it, or you could rest the index or middle finger (on your fretting hand) to mute it but this is difficult because at the same time you must fret with the pinky.
Do it slowly, and you'll find that your hand hurts in a short time. Stop when you must, then come back and do it again 10 mins later.

I think both muting techniques should be learned because in some songs you skip from the E string to the D or the G string and it is difficult to quickly mute the E with your thumb (because the B string is in the way, it just gets awkward).

Edit: the second time he plays
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