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I must say. I like this topic. I'm all for technicality at times, but I feel like it, and every other form of guitarwork or technique, can be horribly overdone. Personally, I prefer songs with a distinguishable groove over 3 million notes per verse. I get bored with that very quickly. I feel that way even moreso with solos. They don't need a groove per se, and even though it's probably considered blasphemous on these forums because of the e-blowjobs shredders seem to get all the time, but I'm getting a bit sick of constant sweep picking and extremely fast runs that the guitarist does over and over again. I understand the skill involved, and while I can't sweep all that well, I still am not impressed anymore with it being done...

I gotta get ready for work soon. I'll probably be back to further discuss this subject, I think I just ranted randomly above. I'm sick to the point of not thinking real straight, so if it's confusing, that's why.
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