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Arguments For (or against) Technicality

I thought about posting this in the Theory Forum, but it doesn't have to do with any specific music theories, rather technicality in general.

I think a lot of people prefer technical metal over the simpler side of it because it's musically impressive. But then there are those types of bands that, while they don't play extremely difficult riffs, they still sound good. I'd have to say that my personal riff-writing style is nowhere near the technical side of death metal because I put more emphasis on what sounds good to my ears, whether it takes a lot of skill or not. Let's face it, some of the technical death metal going on these days is so complicated that no one besides a musician could appreciate it. And even as a musician I hear some of this stuff and think, "sure, they're skilled, but this isn't very entertaining to just listen to". I think every band should put enough effort into their material that they can be separated from the cliche numetal one-finger rumbling crap that sounds the same with almost every song. But I also think that a wicked atmosphere through the sound of it in a more abstract way should be considered over showing off. What are your thoughts on it? How important to you is technicality, and why do you prefer heaping loads of it or only a pinch?

(I think it goes without saying that there's no need for "non-technical bands suck, period"; I would like to hear your detailed thoughts and reasons for your preference and opinion on the subject; hopefully this can be an interesting discussion that opens peoples' minds up to debate )
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