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yo, i plan to get an ibanez rg1570mrb soon, and its going to be set up with 9s and tuned to e. this is because i will be using it to learn and practice ''shred''.

i dont think the pickups that come with this guitar are very good so as soon as i get it, im going to swap them. so, i came here because i need help choosing which pickups to get, i was thinking of emgs, but i dont think theyre great for shred, well theyre ok, but im sure theres better. they seem a bit too hot for me.

so what neck pickup would be suitable for clean and fluid sweeps (i use my neck pup for sweeps) and for fast runs?

and what bridge pickup would be suitable for heavy and tight distortion whilst still being suitable for shred like runs and licks?

i hope you can help me out

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