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Setting the stage

I am currently doing some small exploratory attempts of creating a suite of trash- and/or death metal songs, just to see if the ideas lead anywhere. And what better place to try it out than here?
Anyway, this is the first piece. The music is only half made, but is a fairly long piece, the lyrics are at the beginning but the music does most of the talking in this song. If I make something of it, it will have some type of story line, so what I am really wondering about now is if this might arouse some small measure of interest in finding out what happens next.

Exerscising fear
Feeding hate
Stand! March! Dont look back!

Forget the we of you and I
Nearness to a friend comes from what you gain
Embrace the us that leaves out them

The nearness of what should be dear
Oh, so near
We know its a necessity, we know
A necessity out of sheer stupidity

Failing to see the sum of your own actions

(Music, the actual piece, exunt singing falalala and so on)

What scares you so - it is only me and you
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