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Originally Posted by JAMF
I was just looking through the pages here in the vocal section, and I got thinking. Is there really a technique for metal vocals?

To me, metal is the most expressive art form and deals with all negative aspects of life, so when you want to sing with such thoughts in mind, should it not come out as a natural scream, not a pre-thought out rehearsed scream?

I know that technique can help keep your vocal chords from fucking up, but can you put too much thought into technique?

Are metal vocals the means by which the singer can express deep emotions or are they merely there to enhance the music? Because the more I think about it the more I fear it is the latter.

No one is born with a George Fisher voice. If you don't pre-reherse, you will suck.
You can't sing anything without using your own interpretation of the style. Therefore, you are using emotion. Enhancing the music is secondary.
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